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The Centre for Strategy and Leadership (CSL) is a special initiative focused on research, development and promotion of progressive public policy, good governance strategies and leadership practices. It is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation. CSL is a Section 8 company registered under the companies act 2013.

CSL helps private and government enterprises engage in capacity building through specialised activities, events and programmes. Our work can be broadly put under three categories comprising Advocacy, Advisory and Academy or the three A’s.

The Three A's

Advocacy, Advisory, Academy | Centre for Strategy and Leadership


Under advocacy we help promote and create awareness about progressive public policies, good governance and leadership practices. We also provide a platform for networking and consensus building within and across various segments including State, Central as well as International governments, and, commerce and Industry bodies.

We work closely with political leaders, government departments, policy makers, media, corporate, diplomats, national and international experts from varied fields among others.


For any organisation, especially those wishing to enter a new market or sector, the need to understand the nuances of the existing laws and policies of that market is paramount. This is where CSL provides strategic advisory support as a knowledge partner.

We assist national and international organisations interface with the Centre and State governments and are also engaged in consulting and designing top level summits and conferences for our government as well as corporate partners.

CSL also helps in planning and assessing suitable and impactful CSR programmes for our corporate partners and they are happy to carry out their CSR activities through us given our varied domain expertise, experience and associations.


A major mandate of CSL has been to develop a global learning initiative to facilitate partnerships and collaborative opportunities for leaders from around the world. We intend to create tools through which decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, research and civil society can come together to learn how to address global challenges.

Our learning initiative also conducts research on various topics. It develops specialised training programmes for specific groups of leaders, to disseminate factual information as well as create awareness on various topics including public policy, governance best practices, interpretation, compliance training and support on new laws and policies.

We developed a wide range of tools which are used for capacity building, research and development of leadership practices, and strategies that help opinion and policy makers make informed decisions.

We support the needs of individuals, organisations and communities by facilitating access to learning resources, platforms and tools.

CSL is also committed to empowering the youth through skill development, so they may have better job prospects and become economically independent.

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