Government policies shape entire nations, affect the prosperity of its people and impact global perceptions. They can have an immediate and lasting impact on entire generations.

We work closely with political leaders, government departments, policy makers, media, corporate, diplomats, and, national and international experts from varied fields among others.

We also provide a platform for discourse and consensus building within and across various segments including, Central and State governments, domain experts, international and domestic NGOs and think tanks, and, commerce and industry bodies.

CSL believes that progressive public policies are key to national development. By conducting careful research and taking feedback from various stakeholders we are able to submit effective and balanced recommendations for various policies and legislature.

To boost economic development, we propose and recommend various incentives and policy measures to encourage investments across sectors and regions.

CSL also conduct various programmes and activites for generating awareness among stakeholders on new laws and policies.

For our partners we:

  • Prepare special policy briefs and reports
  • Identify policy objectives
  • Provide political and economic insights
  • Facilitate policy level interventions

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