Centre for Strategy and Leadership

Centre for Strategy and Leadership (CSL) is a special initiative focused on Sustainable Social and Economic Development of people of India.

CSL believes in developing synergies through close cooperation and collaboration of key stakeholder partners in Government, Public and Private Enterprises, and, Citizen Groups.

CSL is registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 and works with its partners to drive Sustainable Social and Economic Development by conducting research and carrying out specialised programmes and initiatives in the areas of:

Investor Engagement

Targeted investor engagement is a means to optimise development and foster economic growth.

We help build partnerships to achieve the desired outcomes.

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Public Policy & State Engagement

CSL is one of the main players in the public policy space in India providing top-level strategic input with on-the-ground granular support to companies and governments alike.

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Collaborative Sustainable Development

CSL has pioneered a unique tri-stage model for Collaborative Sustainable Development model called SAJHEDARI to bridge the gap between stakeholders.

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